Cloud Automation

Brandorr Group offers system development, remote administration, automation, deployment and scalability of web-applications on Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

  • Automated management of infrastructure, using open source tools such as Puppet, Foreman, Capistrano and a great number of custom tools.
  • Ensuring applications have the resources to scale and handle unexpected growth.
  • Custom software developed to your exact needs with a variety of languages and technologies.
  • Setup and management of business tools such as ticket management systems, issue trackers, source code management and wikis.
  • Personalized 24/7 monitoring of your applications and systems, alerting you to problems, and enabling our experienced professionals to quickly respond to emergencies.
  • Database administration, ensuring availability and performance, even under an increasing load.

As a result, our customers are able to quickly and cost-effectively scale their IT infrastructure!

Wherever sensible, Brandorr Group is committed to using and improving open-source tools. This lowers software licensing costs and gives back to the greater computing community.

What type of AMI should you use?

One of the questions we regularly get, is which Linux AMI should i use at Amazon EC2? To answer this question, there are a number of questions you'll need to ask yourself to narrow it down.

1) Which Linux distro do you want to run?

You likely want to run one of the two most popular distros on EC2.:

Creating a secure Debian or Ubuntu Apt repo

Creating a personal apt repo is a great idea for managing custom packages while still utilizing apt's management and dependency abilities. (We are not going to cover all the specifics of why one would want to create a custom apt repo, that should be self-explanatory.) Creating a secure apt repo accessible via apt is relatively straight forward, three items need to be setup: the repo dir, httpd, and GPG to sign the packages.

April Puppet NYC Meetup

This month (April 13th) we gave a presentation to the NYC puppet User Group, on the node classification tool Foreman.

Joe Crobak, we attended wrote up an excellent blog post capturing our preso: